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    I've got two Touchpads. One lets me use American English (AT&T 4G) and the other lets me use use English (As in from England).

    Living in Australia, our spelling is most similar to English, rather than American English.

    So, is there anyway I can get a English UK onto my AT&T TP?

    BTW, I've done a thorough look, couldn't find the answer.


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    Someone must know the answer organ point me to another thread

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    put preware on it
    then impostah and I believe impostah will allow you to change the location and language

    I envy you a bit your super duper 4g touchpad in UK they are not available
    but just a bit hehe
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    Meta-Doctor ROW WiFi version firmware.
    I have no idea what it will do to your modem firmware though.

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