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    wounder if it will make it all the way a crossed the back?
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    Yeah. Mine are covered up with a skin, and I try not to look too close.I think the Pivot sports issue is quite ironic.
    If someone made a touchpad back cover like the palm pixi plus touchstone cover, they'd sell a few thousand of them.
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    Yes, they finally made this cover in all black.
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    Thanks rico2001. I just realized I've been threadcrapping, as I didn't know these existed and have always searched for 'skin'. I don't know if the JustCase works with the touchpad, but this thread is reporting the Poetic does.
    What a dummy! All that time I spent debating on the right skin, buying the Skinomi, and putting it on, and I could have just bought a case!
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    drill a hole in the plastic at the end of the crack. The round hole stop the run then put a cover over it.
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    I just read 'crack spreading towards back' and said to myself 'doesn't everyone's?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by aw9d View Post
    I just read 'crack spreading towards back' and said to myself 'doesn't everyone's?"
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    Does anyone know, If I buy the poetic or JustCase, can I put that over my Skinomi back skin? I hate to take that off if I don't have to.
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    You plug your phone in?

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