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    I got My TouchPad about a month ago. I use it more often than my iPad. It seems faster, just wish it had more apps. I am looking for an app to balance my checkbook, and enter in service and fuel information for my cars. I have most of what I need but these apps seem to only come in phone size screens. What other cool uses do you have for the TouchPad? I am using the Calendar app, ToodleDo, and TapNote the most. I just bought Picsel Office and used it to create a doc then stashed it on DropBox and edited it later on my Mac. I love this device so far.. have music, movies and photos.

    Would like to see more TouchPad apps!
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    I'd suggest checking out SplashTop. This might allow you to do some "PC work" connecting to your home computer... such as balancing your checkbook and other things from your TP.

    But, perhaps there are other apps out here that people could comment on?

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