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    Hello All,

    As is documented in these threads, there have been many people documenting their build-quality problems of their TP, with raised glass and cracks near the speakers being the more common problems. Some of us have wondered if these people, unfortunately, landed TPs from a bad batch, or if these will prove to be a pretty typical problem.

    I would think that, having been made aware of these problems over the past three months or so, HP would have addressed the issues. Then again, ..... you can finish this sentence.

    So, 2nd-wave owners, how has your TP held up? This info could help people's buying/gifting decisions.

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    mine seems fine, got it october 18th from hp smb, only flaw is very very slightly raised glass down near the home button. No cracks forming or anything.
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    I have a tad bit of glue peeking out but i waited so long for this that i'd hate to ask for another
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    Got mine (32GB) on 10/28. Only been a few days, but mine seems fine so far. No obvious physical defects. 3.0.4 really wasn't good initially. Had to webosdoctor back to 3.0.2.
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    I just received mine 2 weeks ago and noticed a few build issues that I haven't seen with my other family member's TouchPads. If holding vertically the left side of the glass was raised up outside of the case a few millimeters, which I was able to squeeze back in. I also had left-over glue on 3 of the 4 sides. And the most disconcerting issue I have found is that when you hold the middle-back of the TP it will compress in slightly and you can feel/hear a sticky resistance. It is like there is glue that should be holding the innards to the case that never quite stuck fully.

    I compared all of these issues to the 5 other TP's my other family members have and so far I am the only unfortunate soul to encounter these. With that said I am still very much enjoying my TP, but am also very thankful I never paid full price for one. It is too bad we won't see another hardware manufacturer take a stab at a webOS tablet.
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    The touchstone doesn't seem to work on my new unit. It :ings:: to indicate a charge continuously.

    Govenah shows no voltage change.
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    one of the touchpads that I got has some slightly raised glass between the speakers, though I was thinking that it may be from the HP case
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    I got mine last week from SMB, and the only thing I've noticed is that the glass is just slightly raised in the upper right hand corner. Not worth sending it back to HP, especially after waiting two months!
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    Mine are perfect, both the one from august and the new ones (for friends and family)
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    My first TP was from a QVC bundle.
    My second TP was from HP SMB second wave.

    The second TP came out of the box with one case corner scratched. The scratch is hidden by the folio case. The second TP also has a slightly sunken home button which makes it harder to press.

    There are a couple of differences between the first and second TPs. I can't really qualify either as better or worse, just different. The displays have significantly different color profiles. The vibrators sound different. In CM7 android the automatic brightness setting results in significantly different brightnesses between the two TPs under the same lighting, but I'm not sure if that is a TP hardware issue or a CM7 android issue.

    I can easily ignore all these issues, but the sunken home button is the one that bugs me the most. No cracks nor lifted glass in either so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LexiconDevil1 View Post
    one of the touchpads that I got has some slightly raised glass between the speakers, though I was thinking that it may be from the HP case
    That case fits so tightly I am wondering if removing it could be the cause of some glass separation. Like every time you remove the folio it has the potential to pull the TP apart? Who knows. I had no glass lift for the first few days then my home button became sunken in due to the glass lifting at the bottom of the TP. I think it has to do with removing the case, or the heat from using the TP was enough to slightly warp the plastic housing. No biggy though, at not yet.
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    I got the second wave from HP's SMB. The rubber gasket between the glass and plastic bulges out slightly in one corner (bottom-left, if holding in portrait orientation). Just a fraction of a millimeter, but enough to feel it. Other than that, the rest is fine cosmetically and operationally.
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    Got my TP last week...nothing too bad here. The bottom glass is raised slightly, which makes the home button sit just below the surface and feel a little loose. Pressing that area makes it sit flush and tight again.
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    We got 2 of the 2nd wave. 1st one - no issues. 2nd one has the light bleed thing, you can see a tiny bit of light bleeding from the edge, mainly on start-up when the screen is almost entirely black. It isn't really a noticeable problem in normal use. Both cases are holding up so far and no cracks around the speaker ports so far anyway.
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    Mine sort of creaks on the left side at times. Kind of annoying but I'm super glad to get my WebOS fix back so I'm over it.

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