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    I added a ipk file through preware hooked up to my desktop computer. Restarted and turned on my touchpad and all my installed apps and downloads were gone.
    Preware and Govanah and apps I installed from Hp are gone. Is there any way to get them back?
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    restart and see if they return
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    I tries that a couple of times and nothing.
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    Any other ideas as what I should do?
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    Did you install the patch "remove-reduce launcher bar"? If yes, use WQI to remove, the patch has serious bug
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    To clarify. My Touchpad looks like it did when I first got it. Just the stock apps. All the apps and downloads I added are now gone. Webos is at 3.0.4. Should I just reinstall Preware, Govanah, tweaks and apps or do I have to Doctor it?
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    If you go into the App Catalog and find an app that you previously had downloaded does it say launch or download?
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    They say free or the price, not launch.
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    Are you still signed in to the same palm profile that you were in before?
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    When I go to accounts it shows my name there with 2 circular arrows. When I tap on my name it asks me for my password. Does this mean I not signed in?

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