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    Are there plastic caps/plugs for headphone jack of theTouchpad? I rarely use headphones at all and noticed that lint has gotten inside. Used a mini vacuum with a vinyl tube to suck it out.... probably be better to have it covered up? thanks!
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    Could buy a 3.5mm optical -> toslink convertor, they tend to be non-conductive (i.e plastic) and don't stick out much, should only be a couple of $.
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    There are others. Try a search for silicone 3.5mm dust cover
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    Don't worry about it, jeez. Lint? Whatevs.
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    I got a mini capacitive stylus from a 1/$1 store. It comes on a short string attached to a 3.5mm plastic plug. Remove the string and use the plug. Search for the cheapest mini capacitive stylus on ebay and just use the attached plug.

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