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    I struggled to find an easy way to import the contacts from my iPhone & Mac OS X desktop. I'm throwing this out there for anyone else who is looking for an easy way to transfer all of your existing contacts from an Apple computer.

    1.) If you haven't already synced your iPhone in iTunes do so and make sure to sync your contacts.

    2.) Open the Address Book app in OS X on your desktop/laptop.

    3.) Select all contacts by hitting 'command+A' on the keyboard in the left pane where all of your contacts are listed.

    4.) Select 'File -> Export -> Export vCard' in the 'Address Book' app.

    5.) Choose where & a name for your new vCard file.

    6.) Email this vCard file to an email address that you can check on your TouchPad.

    7.) Open the attachment form the 'Mail' app on your TouchPad.

    8.) You should be prompted with a message indicating that it may take a few moments (due to the high number of contacts that you're likely to have). Click 'ok' or 'agree'.

    9.) Wait a few moments.

    10.) Viola! You now have all of your contact forms your Apple computer or iPhone on your TouchPad. =)
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