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    I was hoping 3.0.4 would fix this, but it actually works worse now. When trying to view FantasyCast - the live tracking for fantasy football on ESPN. Basically it doesn't allow scrolling, so it's not very useful.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    3.0.4 fixed the issues for me. I can actually scroll now, I could not before the update. Only landscape mode works for me.

    not all scrolling works, as I can not scroll to see all of the stats like rushing or receiving. I can scroll and see my entire team now.
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    Yeah, it didn't scroll anywhere on 3.0.2. Now at least it does on the Matchup side so that I can check out my bench players.

    However, I've got two teams, and now I can only reach my first league. When I tap the second league, it doesn't respond.

    I also sometimes can't tap one of the tabs in the individual games. Instead of switching from team to team, sometimes it'll just minimize out to the scoreboard view. I also still cannot scroll within any of the team stats - it will instead look like it's scrolling the other games.

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