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    Met a HP rep at a show earlier this week who claimed that he got 16+ hours of USE out of his TP per charge, by using Govnah to underclock his TP to 800Mhz...

    Anyone tried this?

    Seems to me that the biggest drainer of battery would be the screen, and that it is not going to last, even at minimal brightness for 16 hours of USE (ie, not on standby, with screen off).
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    I'm doubtful as well. I've been doing a lot of battery drain monitoring this week and the biggest offender on the TP really is the screen. 500+ mA at idle with the screen on versus less than 20 mA idle with the screen off (guessing a little; I think that's what I recall seeing).
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    I can't see it lasting 16 hrs under any circumstance.
    That said I get more than acceptable life out of mine. I just streamed the F1 race this morning, have been browsing the web, watched a few youtube vids, have Pandora playing, and firing off emails for the last 4 hours and just reached 28% life as of this message.

    My belief is that a number of people who experience short battery life did not properly condition their battery out the box. Even Li-poly batteries need to be conditioned the first few uses to get the maximum performance and life from the cells
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    im def sure thats possible. with data and bluetooth turned off and underclocked with brightness at 0.
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    Was the rep in sales? Sounds like something they would claim.
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    I frequently have brightness at 1%, using the brighness patch downloaded from Preware.
    It's very useful on overnight flights when all cabin lights are off. Makes it much easier on my 60-year-old eyeballs.

    However, I don't notice any difference in battery life. Still get around 6 hours on average, before having to plug it into the at-seat power outlet. It's probably because I have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on during most of the flight(whenever Wi-Fi is available onboard)

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