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    well, I finally got my touchpad last Tuesday (ordered from hpsb on Aug 22). my first tablet and webOS device. Been Playing with it since, here are my thoughts thus far:

    -it's smaller than I expected. Based on this I would be ok with a 11 or 12 in tablet, and 7in tablets are definitely off the table.

    -it's heavier than I expected. Not that big of a deal, but it does get tiring after extended usage.

    -the screen is worst than what I was expecting. I guess I never realized how low of a ppi 1024x768@10in was. I was expecting it to look like my phone ppi wise (800x480@3.8in). My biggest problem with it is that text gets blurry and unreadable at certain zoom levels.

    -the battery life is pretty terrible I get about 4 hours of general use (not gaming) out of it.

    -webOS is quite polished; I'm impressed by it. My only complains with it is that its somewhat apple-like in a bad way (lacks customization options and tries to look 'cute')

    -the browser and flash works very well, but I sometimes get forced to a mobile version of a site with no way to get to the desktop version. No text reflow kinda bugs me as well

    what I've done so far:
    update to 3.0.4
    disable logging
    enable dev mode
    installed preware + a bunch of apps/patches from there
    fixed hulu ^_^
    oc'ed to 1.5ghz

    anything else I should do?
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    well if you want you can get cm7 or ubuntu

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