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    Ahh this sucks...

    My Touchpad died on me while I was browsing and shut down as usual. The small circle bootscreen popped up spun around for awhile then the screen went black, normal.

    I plugged it in and hit the power button to see the battery icon and it never popped up. I assumed it was just "really dead" batterywise so I left it to charge for a few hours.

    I just picked up the TP and it hasnt charged and the screen still wont illuminate with any battery icons (the "wheres your charger" icon or the dead battery icon)

    I checked the outlets by plugging in my phone... I even switched outlets but still nothing.

    I even attempted to retart the TP with the center button power button trick and still nothing!

    Please tell me that there is a fix for this...
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    False alarm guys


    it took forever but it restarted after holding the center/power button.

    Ill update if it happens again... whew
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    my tp did this a while back, tried a different outlet and it worked. Scared me too.
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