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    not to thread jack, but my Wi-Fi was working great before I sent it in to repair for cracks on casing. Since I got it back I have been having problems with my wi-fi. It is only picking up 1 bar and only my network. Many times it does not even connect unless I am right next to my router. Before repairs, it used to pick up numerous networks in my area, and my signal at full bars. Any suggestions?

    edit: trying a full erase to see if that helps solve the problem(did not work)
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    Okay. My IT guys confessed that the corporate router was funky and after a reboot, things are back. I'll do the same with my home router.

    So nevermind.
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    Just FYI, I had the Wifi issues. It would disconnect randomnly connected to a Buffalo AP via 802.11n. I switched it out for a Netgear, and the problem went away.

    There's something in the wireless code of the touchpad that makes it sensitive to certain parameters...whatever those are, I don't have a clue.
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    I just got a service order, so I will be sending it in for the third time due to various issues lol thank god for that warranty, I will post here if it is fixed upon return
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    I think I am just going till HP releases a new software update. That may fix it.
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    Well today I went to Steak n' Shake and I brought my touchpad with me to connect to their WiFi. Now that I am home it is working great. I have no clue why. Anyway thank you everyone who responded.

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