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    Just received my Touchpad and setup my Facebook account for Photos and Calendar. However I noticed that none of my friends birthdays, other events show up on the calendar. Is there a bug? I updated to v3.04 of the O/S.

    Thank you.
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    I have the same problem, but it was a configuration failure with my Gmail account. Do you have a Gmail account? The birthdays can be exported to Gmail by one URL.
    If you need more details please let me know
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    Don't know if this is your problem, but did you open the calendar and add Facebook as an account?
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    Same problem, same OS. The OS was updated before I added the FB account, not sure if that may matter. FB is turned on in the calendar, and FB events are clicked to show, but it isn't showing any. When I go in to contacts, it is pulling my FB contacts including their bdays.

    I've chatted w/support, and they've had me remove the account and restart. That did get my google account working, but not FB. The next tech had me back up and then remove all accounts and account data. This did not help (and all of the non-HP downloads were wiped out, so I have to reinstall preware and all the homebrew apps I just installed).

    So I'm hoping someone has an answer, because HP doesn't seem to.

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