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    still having issues trying to log in to profile after 3.04 update restart. i thought it was a problem with my profile but i can login online. i realized that it is connecting to my network but right before it goes to the acknowlegement it says its connected but cannot access internet. I tried reseting my router, updated my router, removed security password... still says it does not have internet access and wont let me log-in....*note: my galaxy s2, evo 3d, hp laptop have no issues connecting to router with or w/out a password! it sucks that i cant even sign in!**2:39am note: have kept trying and a couple of times it has told me i no longer have a wifi connection and asks me to conect to a new network. have again reset router and also modem just in case.**everything else connects fine! router is a netgear n150 wnr1000 wireless router. im thinking i should doctor but this was originally a demo that hp unlocked the s/n on. when i go to hp support site it tells me the s/n is invalid and wont let me download doctor. does anyone have a link to a 3.04 doctor i can use?
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    I know ever since the update I A-often lose connectivity, and B-this corresponds with the “speakers are distorted” BS that's been happening to touchpads. Before update I had no issue with either, after A and B are happening (at the same time). For me a system restart fixes both the issues, only temporarly though.

    hope this helps mate

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