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    I spent the 50 bucks to insure my touchpad from accidental damage. i received an email today saying all touchpads are sold out.

    what do? they will honor the protection damage right? they have backups for replacement just in case?
    -Posted with my HP Touchpad 32GB.
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    Yes, referbs I'm sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    Yes, referbs I'm sure.
    I have no doubt that HP has a lot of refurbished, like-new Touchpads
    in a warehouse somewhere for warranty replacements. In fact, I'm
    hoping they run out of it just before my ADP warranty expires. I'd
    love to hear them say "sorry, ma'am, we are unable to provide you
    with a replacement Touchpad as we are all out.... would you mind
    accepting a new Windows 8 HP tablet instead? It has 128GB memory,
    quad-core processor, 4G...."
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    haha, accidental death...
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    They have to be able to repair or replace your unit so long as warranties exist. Just because units are sold out does not mean they don't have parts.

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