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    This thing is still slow to the point I just use my phone for browsing most of the time. Is there anything I can do to speed up the browser?
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    There is something wrong with your TP, the browser is not normally that slow. In fact, after the 3.0.4 update, my browser is quite fast. If you haven't done so, I'd turn the TP completely off then on (you'd be surprised how many people never do this, just keep it on standby). I'd also go to preferences and clear your cache, cookies, and history. If that doesn't help .... report back. Maybe there is a problem with your router?
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    already have done those things several times. This feels like DSL. The other devices in the house are blazing, including my blackberry and wifes droid incredible. They can both load a full site quicker than this tp.
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    Have you checked the network speed on your TP? There's a free app in the catalog. If the speed seems fine, then I'm not sure what could be causing the slowdown. My TP is blazing fast after the 3.04 update and 1.5 OC. I did notice the "unthrottle download" patch did speed up things a little because now I can play 720p youtube videos fine whereas without the patch it was buffering constantly.

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