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    sorry for starting out with a newbie question

    I was at the precentral main page wwith all the news articles

    there's one for the free juggle giveaway. it requires me to reply in order to enter the drawing . I logged in and clicked on it. I'm doing it on my TOuchpad's browser.

    there are currently over 200 replies. when I scroll to the bottom, there is no "Comment" box even whtn the top of the page says I'm logged in.

    I ended up using a "real" computer to log in and the "Comment" box appeared without any problems.

    Does anyone know why I couldn't see the "Comment" box when logged in using my TOuchpad?
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    I have the same problem. Sometimes it helps to try the mobile version; sometimes it doesn't.
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    I have just tried with my Iron browser - there's no comment box, too. Probably this is because this app giveaway has already ended (the article's date is Oct. 27th 2011)?

    I've already added several comments to webOS Nation articles from my TouchPad without any problems.
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