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    everytime i open preader on my touchpad it acts like its the first time i have opened it, all the setting are back to stock and no books in the library.
    if i reboot the touchpad then the books show up but the setting are still back to stock.
    does anyone else have this issue and if so is there a fix?
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    The dev has posted about problems with pReader and pReader Native and 3.0.4. I'm sure we'll be seeing an update that fixes this soon.
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    thanks for the reply
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    I was having trouble with pReader too.
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    Hi could someone help, I have problems getting to access the library, it has been working fine till now! It is stuck on thinking mode, I see the books are there but tablet does not seem to completely boot them up so I can not click
    any of them to upload.
    Thanks KIm

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