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    My Skype has recently stopped working on TouchPad. I'm not sure if this happened after the update but all I get is a "unknown error" when trying to log in. I decided to remove account and reboot and then re add my account but it still won't log in and gives the same error. I thought perhaps my password was wrong so I logged in via the web browser and it was fine? Anyone else have this issue and has found a fix? Rebooting doesn't help and deleting and re adding account isn't working.

    like to add that my update did NOT go smooth and gave me the doctor screen after the update and I had to run the doctor afterwards.
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    Skype has been fairly unreliable for me, it works great for stretches of time, then its useless for just as long. My gf hasn't in two months been able to login from her touchpad, although I can from my account o hers and she can from her account on mine. Its at least more reliable than the ios Skype though, which often rings for a call but never provides anyway to answer said call.

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