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    Hey guys I have a touchpad I was going to ship to my mom. It sat in the box after I installed a few apps. And sat for about two weeks without being turned on. I go to charge it and get a battery screen with the zig zag power bar. But no change. I can't get the thing to turn on any help ?

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    check the connector where plug would meet the wall. the connector comes off to switch out with international plugs. it twists on and off. sometimes it will come apart and you will need to retighten it.

    another thing to try is to use a different usb cable. the one that comes with the tp is not the greatest. i have had some issues with it and have read other people having issues with the hp cable.
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    Yup tried three different usb cables. I pull it off the charger and the screen goes blk. I try to boot it and it shows a power plug symbol. I plug it in and I get the Lil battery with the zig zag and red line.

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    I held the power for a very ling time. It is now booting !!

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