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    I just bought Captain America on dvd+bluray+digital. My life's dream is to play my digital copy on my touchpad. I have a mac, but the iTunes version won't play on the touchpad. Is there any way to play the wmv on the touchpad? Do I need to unlock it on a PC first, or can I ship it to the TP and then play it?

    Help me obi-wans. :-)

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    unlock first
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    Touchplaher should play it.

    Read for more info:
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    handbrake to put it in IPad version if you want to use the stock player that comes with the TP. Also - aim a little higher on your life's dream. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by teamw23 View Post
    Also - aim a little higher on your life's dream. ;-)
    QFT! lol
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    I watched the blu ray avi 4GB+ file, It runs fine on kalemsoft. Touchplayer is slightly better for watching films with subs, I'm just not sure If I'm fast fowarding correctly by stroking the screen left and right.

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