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    As I've mentioned before, after my 3.0.4 update, the Grooveshark App is now hanging 30 seconds before the transition to the next track. Having visited the Grooveshark support page, I am seeing what may be part of the problem:

    According to Grooveshark Help

    In update 1.3.5 the app was modified -
    Added song preloading; the next song is preloaded 30 seconds before the current song ends so there's less of a delay between songs.

    Pure conjecture, here, but the 30 second hang-up appears to happen because the app is now somehow being confused about downloading the buffer for the next track, and is incapable of continuing to play and download a separate track simultaneously. NOTE: This worked just fine before 3.0.4 just fine, so this is a new problem.

    Any thoughts?
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    Yeah this is a 3.0.4 problem. I only saw it after updating my Touchpad.

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