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    I am now the happy owner of a 16GB HP Touchpad!!! I need advice on the must-have apps, performance tweaks and/or custom mods that are necessary/needed to enjoy my Touchpad to the fullest! Thanks in advance!
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    Read the forum, there are many posts already there to help you out.
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    After you get your account set up the first thing you want to do is go to Settings, System Updates and update to 3.0.4. Then go to Settings, Software Manager and perform the updates on the stock apps. It will probably be sluggish. Performance improves as you use it. After 24 hours mine was dramatically faster and smoother. TuneIn radio and Kalemsoft Media Player are my most used apps. I wouldn't rush into customizations like overclocking and patches until you're thoroughly familiar with the device. I waited a couple weeks before doing anything with preware. There is excellent preware documentation in the app catalog.
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    Put it on ebay!
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    Welcome to the fold! Don't forget to use the Kindle app!
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    Like a previous post welcome.

    Enjoy your TP and WebOS. Get to know it and then visit "New TouchPad?" Your Get started Guide. Easy to follow instructions. Be sure to you are on 3.0.4 before starting. Lots of great patches that will improve the TPs performance(those suggested are good ones to start with). Like some others TuneIn, KalemSoft, and Kindle. I also recommend Comics HD, AudiophileHD Pro, and games of your choise(pyramid solitaire is good), there are many others but all depends on your likes.

    Good luck, enjoy your TP.
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    Put it on ebay!
    Háháháháháhá... This macf.ags ...

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    Just mailed mine back to HP because the camera never worked. Doubtful they can fix it because it's not software related and replacement parts are scarce. Probably gonna get a refurb sent back...
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    I think splashtop is clearly worth it. The biggest flaw in the TP, once you get it patched and updated, is lack of software for the platform. The ability to log into a "real" computer and get access to things like Netflix and Slingbox (at least on your local network LAN) is a great workaround.

    Oh, and turn off the auto-correct, that thing is seriously FUBAR since the latest update.

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