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    without my permission and now the tp runs as slow as it did before when i oc it and added patches:-( anything i can do. I'm livid
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    'Big Brother' Rules?

    Whack the updated '304' patches in now to speed it up again?
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    so it updated automatically. i thought ugh- but went into preware and updated all patchrs govnah, uberkernel etc and restarted and voila it is back to 1.5 and flys. all patches etc remained. kewl
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    Now try playing games or using software that uses the accelerometer and you'll be wanting to go back to 3.0.2.
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    Don't forget to turn logging OFF again....
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    Quote Originally Posted by fsx100 View Post
    Don't forget to turn logging OFF again....
    as i recall one of the updated patches did it.

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