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    Hi all

    So having a problem with audio on my Touchpad. Before 3.0.4 update, restarting pulseaudio would fix it. After, it has no effect neither through the app nor the command line. Nothing short of a full restart restores sound (only to have it go away after x minutes). Any ideas?

    Note that I've run EPR and uninstalled all homebrew stuff except for uberkernel. Also note that I get some crackles out of the speakers here and there when I do stuff that's supposed to emit sound (typing, swiping a card away, ....).

    I'm also wondering if anyone else is having this issue <Poll>.

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    I am having this exact issue. I feel a bit better I'm not the only one.
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    Ditto, notice also the top Notification bar does not respond? Cant select any notification pop ups or even the sound, battery, wifi etc. Its like the whole notification bar doesnt respond. How do I go back to the OS prior to 3.0.4?
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    Just last night I noticed when I adjusted the system sounds, the normal boop I would usually hear for each level was just a crackling sound. System reboot fixed it.

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    No issues with 3.0.2, but they arrived with 3.0.4!
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    Anyone seen any good things to try as remedy for this?

    BTW; my conclusion on when the sound is lost, for me anyway, is any time the TP is going into "standby", i.e. shutting down the screen. If I leave it on the Touchstone, audio stays active until I hit the power button or it's sitting around unused until it gets too sleep.

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    The newer pulseaudio restart has been extented to rectify the issue specifically with audiod as well...

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