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    I can get the headers to my gmail and msn account, but I can't retrieve the actual body. It starts to retrieve and then I get "error occurred downloading this message." I've deleted and recreated my accounts.

    Any ideas?
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    this happens on my original sprint pre off n on and i think its because of our fluctuating wifi signal at home. maybe its a security thing and the tablet thinks you aren't in a safe area to complete the download of the mail?

    when this happens to me i just backswipe from the email i've opened so that i'm back at the list and i open it again (sometimes needing twice more tries) and it slowly gives the body of the email. if that doesnt work i just exit from mail app and launch again.

    hope you've already retrieved the mail by this late date
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    I read somewhere else that the emergency cache delete in preware helps to fix this problem, it's worked for me so far.

    Here's the thread, post #65.
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    Why is this in the news forum?
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    thanks! It worked!

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