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    I use the Touchpad more than the pc. It uses a lot less electricity and it's really convenient. And I love the touchscreen so much I sometimes get frustrated with ordinary mice and keyboards and screens. My pc still has to take care of photo and video and sound editing. Wish I could make nice ports of digikam, audacity, kdenlive.
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    definitely less now. Its light, portable and convenient. I use it mainly for light browsing, checking my many forums and contributing if needed (I can type quite fast on the onscreen keyboard with almost perfect accuracy...just remember to turn autocorrect off :-P )

    adding the phone connectivity also means I use my phone less once I am home. I just bluetooth connect and any calls or texts are routed right into my lap.

    there is very little I cannot do on my TP.
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    Agreed - my laptop is off unless I have to do some type of actual work rather than reading/browsing/emails.
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    I hardly ever use my PC these days - mainly only when I want to rip a DVD to watch on my TouchPad, or if I need the bigger screen for serious work (monthly sales and use and resort tax returns). Other than that, I'm using the TouchPad - it's much more convenient.
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    I'm actually sitting here at my desk reviewing forums on my touchpad. My PC has gone to screensaver/suspend. It is doing other stuff in the background though.

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    Yes, I spend a lot less time on my PC and on my Pre3, when at home. I'm also using the TP instead of my Kindle to read because I can have Pandora playing at the same time. Around the house, it goes with me everywhere!
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    For casual sofa surfing, it has totally taken the place of both my lappy AND my phone. Splashtop and vnc has also helped with this too as I can still do some of the more minor PC/mobile tasks remotely. (they do complement each other very well)
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