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    Definitely way less time. That is why I bought TP's for me and the wife - for Internet and email access, where ever, when ever, (in the house) without having to lug around a laptop or be at the desktop. I could be eating or feeding the baby and still use it. No waiting for "boot up". I usually like to take it to bed and read the news and some sites before I goto sleep for the night.
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    Minimally less time... I use it essentially as a "couch computer", so the most significant time the TP has replaced the laptop was during fooitball games or the little TV I watch other than sports.
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    More time couch surfing on the TP than I used to on the NetBook but still use the PC for serious typing/office type work and internet use.
    A little more time spent on the commode with TP too.
    No Torrent downloader for TP so all that is done on PC and transfered to TP or just watched from NetBook to TV.
    All in all it's a nice toy for $200 but it will never replace my PC.
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    I have had my TouchPad since the middle of July and it only minimally affected my PC usage at home. With the release of SplashTop for the TouchPad I hardly ever go upstairs and sit at the computer. At work it is still pretty much a novelty and will continue to be until a true webOS RDP client is available.
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    No, I also use my smartphone just as often. I think I actually prefer my phone over my TP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Wow, I'm sorry but it sounds like you have really basic computing needs if the Touchpad is good enough for you where you would never use your PC anymore. There's practically too many things to name that I can't do on my Touchpad, or even just are a better experience on my PC. I mean, I can't even have more than a couple browser cards open without things slowing down drastically, the type of document editing that is supported is super simplistic, and I can't attach files to forms on web pages, just as three examples that are the most frustrating.

    Where the Touchpad shines is an addendum to a PC, for tasks that don't work as well on a standard laptop. Ebooks, magazines, IM, and email/calendar* are done almost exclusively on my Touchpad (or phone as well for the IM, email, and calendar). To be honest though, depending on how Windows 8 turns out, I might end up not needing two separate machines for these different functions.

    *I might be biased on this one because I can't stand Microsoft Outlook and nothing else on the PC connects to Exchange... that and there's no great way to integrate multiple calendar sources on the PC like I can on my Touchpad.
    You would be correct as far as my computing needs being simple. The only time I really do any work from home is when I write employee reviews and do that from the pc. The only hobby I have that is pc necessary is gaming other then that I spend my free time doing home improvements or caring for my jungle of plants.
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    Much less indeed. I never use my computer anymore just to check my email or look something up on the internet (which is a lot). For the travel blog I keep, the TP enables me to blog from the hotel room, whereas before I had to go out look for cyber pubs. Plus all the other advantages the extended portability a tablet offers for travel.

    Of course for the real work (in my case: photography) the Touchpad cannot compete. I don't think Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will be ported anytime soon onto webOS, nor will PTGuiPro. These are my most used applications by far on my computer. And mounting external storage (photo library, archive and backup drives) onto the Touchpad is too complicated to be practical for me for now anyway...

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    I have been on my PC a lot less lately but I don't think that is purely TP. My time has skewed away from photo and video editing so I don't need that power right now. I still get on for finances but that is brief.
    Although it has worked out, since my husband's PC died and he is on mine all the time. If I didn't have my TP I probably would just be using the old netbook.
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    my pc usage is unchanged. I do use my TP in bed for a bit each night, prior to that I was not using my laptop or netbook in that situation. The TP is still a toy for me, which is about what I was expecting when I bought it.
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    can't remember the last time I used my netbook for anything since I got the touchpad. Instant access compared to a couple minutes booting, a couple minutes logging in/starting up, launching a browser, waiting for that to load. Now I just hit a button, swipe, tap, swipe, tap & i'm here. Thankfully my netbook had a touchscreen so it wasn't as much of a chore as using the mousepad, but still. I solemnly used it for anything more than browsing. In fact i gave it to my gf for school ;]
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    When I first got the Touchpad, I used my pc alot less. I would listen to music on it too and my mp3 players would collect dust.
    I've had it for quite some time now and I can honestly tell you I don't use the Touchpad as often as I used to. I only use it to check email and occasionally web surf if I need to find something quickly like looking up a recipe. If it had a really awesome pdf reader, I'd use it much more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    I don't really have trouble reading on the touchpad at all - I found the key however is a SUPER low backlight. I'll crank it to minimum, then down even further using the reduce minimum lighting patch. Theres a sweet spot that really works for me and I end up enjoying it. I've comfortably read several books on the device.
    I tried multiple times at multiple brightness levels and it never worked out for me. It'd one of those things that affect differently for each individual. I wish I was like you and could read books on it. It's be one less device to carry around. Now that I have my phone, Touchpad, and Kindle I need to find a man purse that doesn't look like a man purse.
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    Less time on phone and computer - more so less time on my phone (pre minus...still hanging on) as it's what I use to do the majority of my surfing and FBn. I still use my pc for hardcore stuff (no, not that hardcore...well yeah that too...haha): video editing, bittorrent, photo editing

    Now I use my phone mainly to text.
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    I still find myself using the PC more often than not. But that's only because my girlfriend rarely lets the TouchPad out of her sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xninjagrrl View Post
    No, I also use my smartphone just as often. I think I actually prefer my phone over my TP.
    Me too. Seems like everything I want to do is easier on my phone. Plus to me cards and stacks just don't look as good on the touchpad as it does on my phone. But I did find use for it, it is now my main alarm clock, way louder than the phone
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    I havnt used my laptop since I installed preware the day I got the touchpad... It does everything I need..
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    Quote Originally Posted by natepre509 View Post
    my pc usage is unchanged. I do use my TP in bed for a bit each night, prior to that I was not using my laptop or netbook in that situation. The TP is still a toy for me, which is about what I was expecting when I bought it.
    I keep hearing people say they use a tablet in bed, I have tried it and its the most awkward thing to me.
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    I am in sales, the TP has replaced both my pre - and my laptop completely. The only thing i can not do is actually send an order in via my TP, this is due to security issues with the company i work for, not with the TP. My clients love it, i love the simplicity of being able to just swipe and go. if they were available, frankly, a lot of my clients would buy a TP. Yes i use a pc, for long docs and spreadsheets with lots of inputting, for basic stuff though the TP more than fills the void. So much so, the company is looking at going the tablet route for all sales staff.
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    For me it's one half on PC AND ONE HALF on TP When I come on line first thing is I go to

    PRE CENTRAL to get the any news about WEBOS then to ckeck out the users and tips.
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    I am a member on several forums, so my Macbook Pro is still my primary tool for contributing... the keyboard is just too good. I also use my Macbook for computing needs.

    But, when I'm winding down and want to just surf... news... tech sites... I turn to my TouchPad for when I'm in reading mode.
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