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    Newbie here! I can't open a .wps file in Intenalz Pro download. How do I do this? I get message 'no file handler found'. Any help appreciated.
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    that means you have no programs installed on your device that say they can handle .wps files
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    What programs do I need to install?
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    Quote Originally Posted by par89 View Post
    What programs do I need to install?
    I think .wps is a proprietary format used my Microsoft Works and it is unlikely that there is going to be any program outside of MS Works on any platform that is going to open it unless it is converted to a different more universal format.
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    Thanks AZTouchpad! Being a total novice, what would be a good format for the TP. I should be able to convert it on my desktop before transfer. Also, I am in Tucson and looking to find someone to talk to about the touchpad.

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