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    Received a new 32 GB Touchpad last week & performed initial (stock) setup in order to get the touchpad in working order.

    After reading thru PreCentral forums, it's seems that nearly everyone has discussed & recommended implementing the "Preware" software upgrade available

    I have several questions regarding this topic if anyone can assist me.

    1.) I have already upgraded to the newest OS (3.04) for my unit & downloaded some 10-12 apps. Should I attempt to backup these apps (free) before attempting to downloading any Preware. If so, what is the best way to backup my Touchpad?

    2.) I read somewhere that I needed "Java" for my touchpad, should I download the windows 7 version or a different version?

    3.) I was trying to find the Web OS Doctor from the HP App's catalog but could not find that. Is this app/utility from a specific site or do I just need to search here on the site for this app?

    If anyone thinks of any other suggestions, please let me know.

    Thanks so much & glad to find forum for the HP Touchpad, looking forward to using this tablet!

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    The touchpad should automatically backup itself but if your worried about when the last time it has done it, go to the settings page and use the backup icon. All your apps should come back if you decide to doctor later on and sign into your profile.

    Just remember to follow these steps when you decide to put preware on.
    Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    No, you don't need to get java for your touchpad and to get the webosdoctor just follow this link
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    You may have already read this but if not...

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