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    sorry if this question have been ask. I searched but can not find an answer.

    Every time I try to download a avi file on megaupload. TP browser redirect me to video player and error message pop "There was an error playing the file".
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    You need the "download instead of stream" patch. The thread is in the "Patches" section and you can email that patch to yourself and then install. I don't think it's in Preware yet.
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    I download AVI files to my pc then copy them to my TP. Thanks for the tip on the download instead of stream patch. I'll give it a try.
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    thank you sir.

    Is there a way I can stream AVI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ******on View Post
    thank you sir.

    Is there a way I can stream AVI.
    Yes there is. I remember reading about it. Do a search for 'stream AVI', you should find the thread by doing that.

    edit: Your user name seems to have tripped the forum's automatic word censor..... :-)
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