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    Hallo everybody!

    Just received my TouchPad today, and must say I'm impressed! Didn't have my hopes that high, because of the mediocre reviews of it, but I've been very pleasantly surprised till now. Think that build quality, speed and the tablet-fitted WebOS software is just great! Love it already!

    I do have one small question though: I love having the option to minimize apps/bring up launcher with a swipe from beneath the screen, but would also like being able to switch apps by doing a swipe from the sides of the screen (similar to the advanced gestures on the Pre phones, sliding finger along entire gesture area), is there a way to do this on TouchPad? Patch maybe?

    Thanks in advance!
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    This has actually been addressed before as a desired feature and I don't believe there is still any way to switch full-screen apps with a side-to-side swipe. There was talk of a patch being created but I don't believe it ever came to fruition. Maybe someone can prove me wrong.

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