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    I decided to sell one of our 32GB TPs via craigs list today.
    I offered up a used one or they could purchase a brand new sealed unit that we purchased from the QVC deal.
    The buyer wanted the sealed unit.
    After the transaction i offer the buyer to open up the unit to make sure the TP was within the box and explained he would need to be within a wifi area to set up a webos account.

    Hit the power button and it came up with a initializing screen with some testing going on then into a interactive testing mode:
    It wanted to test everything from internal to user input.
    Testing charger, usb, audio, touchstone and even tap to share, along with many other tests
    I have never seen this at all, after all kinds of testing i told the buyer he would need to complete this at home.

    I never did get into webos,
    Was this one of them factory installed Android units?

    The buyer is new to touchpads, i have a feeling that i may get a call back saying something is not right, can't find webos

    Sold the unit with a brand new touchstone and brand new HP case along with a screen protector for $285

    what do i do if he calls back?
    offer up a trade? cashback? Run webos Dr?

    I just called the buyer to let him know that he may have one of the very few "what 4 known"
    in the wild HP factory android testing software units.

    I am not in any position to offer a brand new sealed replacement unit for that one.
    I do have a used one to offer, FOLKS, this testing software that came up tested or wanted to test EVERYTHING and used user input as well.

    I first was thinking maybe this had the webos 3.0.2 whereas our other TPs came with 3.0.? and this was new to 3.0.2, my buddy said no, likely one of the android units.
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    Nothing. He bought a brand new sealed unit so he can deal with HP if there is any issue. It's under 1 yr warranty.
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    did the OP take pictures? No pictures, no Android.
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    I have spoken the the buyer and i am sure he can supply pictures.
    The thing is i never even got to the normal android OS, i gave up on all the interactive testing screens, heck these screens even had multiple choices.

    It never dawned on me what all this was until it was gone out of my house.
    I should have just kept it at that point, yet my sale was right there.

    The buyer is local, resides nearby.
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    Why would a bunch of testing screens make you think it had android? Why not think it was testing for webOS?
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    This was NOT any normal webOS testing of sorts.
    This was complete component level testing..
    When you first power on a new TP, it goes into the setup screens.
    This did not, it is also known that HP did load android on all TPs at the
    factory for testing hardware, then they would load WebOS prior to shipment.
    So i have read, There are many asking HP to release the kernel of said software.

    I once again have spoken to the buyer, made him aware of this thread and asked him to complete the testing screens or try to skip past them to see what comes up next.
    He did offer for me to take another look at the unit, I told him i may want to shoot some video of these screens and maybe we can get a dump of the software.

    Anyone have leads or step by step directions on getting it to dump its contents?
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    I'm the buyer. Once I got it home, it did not prompt me w/ extended test menu. Seems we crossed that bridge at seller's home. It went right to creating a new WebOS account. Could be that newer units run through a more extended test upon unboxing.
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    I should add all looked normal, to a WebOS neophyte. I did not see the Qualcomm android thingy, or anything android-like in any of its menus. It's doing an auto-update to the latest WebOS as we speak. So, if android was there, it might not be in the morning.
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    The troll is strong in this one
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    diagnostic testing perhaps? that is an option from within webos.
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    Being the age i am, i would normally brush off comments as such.
    Yet i felt compelled to respond.
    Troll? whom are you speaking of? Me the OP of this thread that has purchased no less than seven of these TPs in recent months and has fired up five right out of the box.
    I came here to post what i found to be a very strange boot up testing menu that no other
    TP i have owned displayed, nor have found anyone else reporting such a finding new out of the box upon first power on.

    Within my first post, i did say the buyer was new to the TP and I asked him to update this thread with a conclusion, btw, the buyer i guess to be about the same age as myself mid life 50 +/- and has nothing to gain posting his update findings.

    For anyone to come in this thread and suggest troll, explain the motivation of such a thread as reflecting troll behavior?

    That troll response post is more indicative of trolling in itself

    Nonetheless, John "buyer" thank you for the update, enjoy your new touchpad

    Mods feel free to close the thread

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    The troll is strong in this one
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    when i got a launch date touchpad, i also got this screen. It was a 16gb unit bought at best buy. I just went through the tests and reset and after that it made me sign in to my webos profile.

    i have exchange that said unit with a 32 gb unit. These all happened before the firesale. So this is mot a very unique situation.

    no android rumors back then, just thought it was just webos...

    sorry did not have pictures back then, i dont think this guy is a troll too just for the fact that i experienced the same testing screen upon bootup.

    hope that clears stuff.

    now, i dont know why my touchpad booted into that testing screen, didnt bother to find out. I was just excited to get my hands on one then. After a week i returned it for a 32 gb model. No testing screen there.
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    I have a theory. When you normally switch on the TP< you get the pulsing HP circle. Maybe there's a setting that displays what is going on while it is booting (simiar to the F4 Phantom kernel). Your TP had that setting enabled.

    I don't know why or how, but would that make sense?

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    I don't think this takes place behind the HP startup splash, as it did some limited testing on its own right at start up while initializing with txt feedback, after that it required user input for each and every test after that and there were many tests of everything within the TP and all fuctions including testing USB to computer connect, and then disconnect, and many many more test that would not advance without user input

    It may have been a production line test sample, like 1 out of every 1000 or so and some how it slipped by and shipped in that state without employee test completion
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    @nexus, grow up. There's nothing in the op that suggests trolling.
    I'm assuming this is what you and the buyer saw?
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    That is it....
    Thank you for the link
    I should also add that the video only shows very little of the many tests screens that came up.
    I think the OP of that video was shocked as i was and did not start recording until he was far into the test modes, heck i did not even record them myself...

    Again, thank you.....
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    Yup, just happened to run across it at xda and remembered this thread, thought it would help. Seems to be a testing/debug tool no idea how to start it up manually.
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    looks like some kind of technical support diagnostic, not the end user diagnostic i played with through the system info.

    also, it was like watching water boil waiting for that tp to load up into the account setup..... over 2 minutes seems a little long, but then again, it was not oc'ed or tweaked.

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