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    Can you show me Where can I download touchplayer? I could not find on preware
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    I got it.
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    Remove the file /var/palm/ls2/services/prv/com.wordpress.mobilecoder.touchplayer.service
    Remove the file /var/palm/ls2/services/pub/com.wordpress.mobilecoder.touchplayer.service


    Thank you
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    I had the same problem, here's what did:

    I had 2 files in var/palm/ls2/services/pub, the first was com.wordpress.mobilecoder.touchplayer.service.service (notice it says service twice) In this one the bottom line read "Exec=/var/usr/bin/run-homebrew-jsjsjs-$service$&$quot$; $In$ $the$ $second$ $file$ $which$ $was$ $labeled$ $com$.$wordpress$.$mobilecoder$.$touchplayer$.$service$ ($service$ $only$ $once$) $the$ $same$ $line$ $read$ &$quot$;$Exec$=/$usr$/$bin$/$run$-$js$-$service$ -$n$&$quot$; $I$ $edited$ $this$ $so$ $it$ $now$ $reads$ $just$ $like$ $the$ $first$ $file$. $I$ $did$ $this$ $also$ $in$ $the$ $var$/$palm$/$ls2$/$services$/$prv$ $folder$ $and$ $now$ $it$ $works$!! $I$ $previously$ $tried$ $just$ $deleting$ $these$ $2$ $files$ $as$ $others$ $have$ $suggested$ $and$ $it$ $did$ $not$ $work$, $I$ $had$ $to$ $keep$ $both$ $files$ $just$ $edit$ $them$ $correctly$.

    Note: all of this was done in this order - delete touchplayer, reboot (not just Luna restart), installed touchplayer but I didn't run it yet, rename the files, reboot again, then run touchplayer.webOS 3.0.4 touchplayer 1.0.5

    Good luck and thanks BloodRedd.
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