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    I lose web browsing, if i have a news video playing (sometimes) I get a loading circle and then a message in a white box, error loading site? No more internet ! If I go to WiFi and hit the router name or go to airport mode on/off, my internet comes back, this happened w 3.0.2 but seems to be happening more now that i moved to 3.0.4 - anyone else seeing thing, any help would be appreciated. Is this known bug in WebOs?
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    I think it is related to wifi issues reported in other threads. It usually loads on the next attempt and to me it seems like a timeout between the wifi radio and the router.

    it does it more at home (old router) than it does at places like starbucks. Just my observation. If you capture a log you could probably send it to HardbeatZ to be routed into the palm support system.

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