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    Here's my situation: current Pre+, TP arriving today, new Pre3 coming soon.

    I currently have an ATT Pre+ with my original Palm Profile. This profile was inadvertantly set-up in Spanish. In order to change it to English, I need to perform an "erase apps & data" and then change to English upon logging into profile. Since I will be upgrading phones within the week, I was hoping to hold off on this until the new phone arrives.

    I have a TP arriving today. I don't want to log-in with the messed up Spanish profile and I don't have the will power (after waiting 2 months) to hold off another week to start using the TP.

    Here are the options I have come up with:

    1) Begin anew with a HP Account on the TP and then use this account with the Pre3. It seems that I would loose all my paid apps with this option.

    2) New HP account on the TP and then old Palm Profile on the Pre3. Saves paid apps for the phone, but requires me to get all new apps for the TP.

    3) New HP account on the TP and then switch to old Palm Profile account next week after the Pre3 arrives and I fix my bilingual issues. Play with TP this week and hold off on modifications until later. As I understand it, some phone apps are usable on TP.

    I am leaning toward option 3, but there may be a better option and/or I haven't thought through all of the ramifications of the options.

    Any ideas, words of wisdom, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
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    You go through language selection before signing into your profile. You should be able to set the TouchPad to English even though your Pre is in Spanish and have no adverse reactions to it.
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    Sounds like I am overthinking it.

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