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    Need some help from the pros.

    Last night I installed the uber kernel from preware, performed a luna restart, updated the govnah setting to utilise the new kernel and then performed another restart.

    All started up fine but I notice that my keyboard no longer activates with tap here and the short icon is now missing from the bottom of the screen. After trying everything I decided it was best to perform a system reset and get me back to square one.

    My Problem. The system reset seems to have been successfully run and I'm requested to log in and select a country, and then select a wi-fi service before proceeding. Unfortunately this is where it ends as the keyboard can still not be activated in order for me to enter my wi-fi password.

    I downloaded the latest webos doctor but it does not the touchpad is connected to my pc nor is there any acknowledgement on connection on the touchpad i.e. no usb option appears.

    Have I foolishly cooked my favourite toy or is there still some options open to me? Any assistance would be most appreciated.
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    Did you try out the recovery mode to perform a "factory reset" with the WebOS Doctor?
    Turn your TouchPad off and hold the Volume Up und the Power Button together for e few seconds. There should come an USB pic
    Then try out to start the WebOs Doc.....
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    Go to Services on your PC, in the Start menu, select Run, then type services.msc followed by ENTER.

    Scroll down to Palm Novacom, and restart the process (done with right-click menu)

    Press Power + Home(Center) button on your TouchPad, approx 15-20 seconds to simulate a battery pull, when you see the screen flicker like it's going to turn on, quickly let go and press & hold Volume Up until you see a giant USB symbol.

    Run webOS Doctor, and ONLY hook up your TouchPad when prompted to do so

    Download link & instructions here

    WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    great stuff gents. I will give it a go and report back.
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    all back on track...thanks boys. this forum is genius.

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