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    ok, I was able to easily locate and overclock my touchpad to 1.5 GHz with Uberkernel. And I love it with webOS 3.04.

    however, I couldn't find other famed, faster kernels such as the f4 and f15s within preware. Could some one point out what I am missing or the location of these kernels?

    or they are not available with webOS 3.04 just yet?


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    Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals has all information you want. But 1.5 GHz is enough, I didn't see a significant difference with higher frequencies.
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    They're in testing feeds, like filmor_ said. I tried oc, up to 1.8, but I'm now running F4 at 1.5. There's really no need for more, unless you're using some really heavy duty, CPU consuming apps. I get 7+ hours battery life, you won't get that at the higher speeds, aside from the strain you'd be putting on your TP. Experiment with the higher speeds if you want to see how fast you can go, but you run the chance of borking your pad and will need a visit to the Doctor. I speak from personal experience.... :-)
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    ha! Thanks to both for sharing your experiences.... I'd say forget about pushing TouchPad to run faster than 1.5ghz, a speed I am mighty comfy now.



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