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    I know you can just add the account in Synergy, but let's say someone wanted to login to their hotmail with the browser.

    You enter your info, the browser bar flashes like it's redirecting to 5 other pages, then says the site may be experiencing a problem.

    Anyone else try this?
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    Same issue here.
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    clear cache and cookies and try again
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    Hotmail works in Synergy.

    Could be an issue with Windows Live using some plugins that are not supported in webOS.

    Coming soon to Windows 8!

    Windows Live Essentials system requirements
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    This has been a problem across all WebOS for awhile There are a number of threads already that discussed and researched the Hotmail problem. What you have to do is use the https not http server. Rather than retype the instructions I am going to repost/quote nonso_adesso's previous post:

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    I was able to access my hotmail account in hp touchpad - webOs
    I was able to access my hotmail account using hp touchpad


    - Perform a system update (3.0.2) - not sure if this step is needed-

    - Open the browser and type (notice we are using https not http)

    - You will be asked if you want always to use https to access your account, select that option then save preference if asked
    (you will be asked this only for the first time)

    - then you will be prompted to enter your login information

    - Next you will be asked to upgrade your browser, just ignore that and click on continue to windows live Hotmail link in blue
    (you will be asked this each time you are trying to login to your hotmail account )

    - When you click on continue to windows live Hotmail it will take you to your account where you will able to read and write emails in real time

    - I have tried it 3 time without any problem."
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