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    Bit of back story:
    I'm a member of the overclockersUK forum, and in this forum there are a couple of thread's that contain a lot of images.

    The problem:
    When viewing a page in these threads, the first half of the page loads and views fine. The second half not so much. Horizontal lines appear across the images and forum background distorting them. Sometimes in colour, sometimes in black and white grain effect. Sort of like a knocked LCD screen on a laptop....

    But scrolling with these lines they move up and down with the images.

    I am running latest webOS 3.0.4, uberkernal and 1.5GHZ. Problem was there before installing the uberkernal and overclocking to 1.5. As far as I know there wasn't an issue with 3.0.3.

    Any ideas what's wrong? I am reluctant to send the touchpad to HP due to waiting over a month for a touchstone, and hearing horror stories of the TP's coming back scratch to buggery!

    Some pictures of the issues:
    The page thread if poeple want to view:
    Pics of stuff we bought in October! - Page 31 - Overclockers UK Forums

    I did ask on the forum, one guy got the problem but it appears to have gone and no other's experience it.

    Once again, any advise or what the problem is?

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    I have noticed this problem lately, I think its a browser/software issue.

    If you view very large graphical forum posts as you scroll (quickly?) towards the end of the post the pictures start to become corrupted with occasional horizontal lines. The number of lines vary from a couple to many.

    I am running 3.0.5 Uberkernel with the standard browser, no patches.
    Processor speed does not seem to affect the corruption.

    Here are a few example posts, I would appreciate if a few other people could report back to confirm if this is repeatable on their Touchpads and therefore a software bug.

    Additional comment
    I have also noticed that the number of lines and their location can vary each time, they usually occur after fast scolling. Resizing the image will cause the picture it to be redrawn without corruption.
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    yep same here. Not a proper fix but if you zoom in then back out it will fix the lines

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