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    So my touchpad is prompting me for a WebOS update but last time I did this, I lost my apps and overclock and its kind of a pain to re-do the whole guide of re-downloading preware and everything

    Is there a way around this? Or to at least not have to reinstall preware every time I update?
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    i am on 3.0.2 fwiw

    I apologize for the noob questions, I am just unsure how to update properly
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    When I accidentally updated to 3.0.4, preware was not removed. I was able to just run preware again and selected update 'all' the patches/apps from before. Also the govnah default was reset, but it was simple enough to change that.
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    You pretty likely did not lose all your apps from an OS update, and even if you did, it would've redownloaded them all. Except for Preware apps. And of course you'd lose your overclock, because you'd be installing the new version of the kernel. And then you'll need to reinstall it just like you did before.
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    Ok so I updated WebOS and updated each of my preware apps including Govnah and installed Uber Kernal but it still says 'Palm Default 1.188 ghz' even though UberKernal is installed?

    - How do I get uber kernal installed after an update?
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    You need to update UK in Preware. Its sounds as though you already did this?? Just go Into govnah and set the cpu frequency to the desired speed.

    To verify uberkernel is installed go into preware > installed packages > kernel to see which kernel you are running.

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