I was in NYC yesterday, traveling with nothing more than a backpack which carried my Nook Simple Touch, iPhone, and HP TouchPad. I found myself at Columbus Circle taking a break from all of my walking, when I realized I was sitting across the street from the Apple Store; great, as I badly needed to charge my phone. During my short trip, I discovered a few things about me and my/some gadgets.

1. I did not think I would find it so, but the size of the TP is cumbersome to walk around with and to use on the go. Even while riding on the bus, I just did not want to be bothered with holding it. I might feel this way about any tablet.
2. I am now even more so looking forward to the U.S. release of the Samsung Galaxy Note: one device that is smaller than a tablet, but larger than my iPhone, works on 3-4/G.
3. I have been one of Apple's staunches critics, but their dedication to a seamless and enjoyable customer experience: streamlining processes, personal one-on-one customer service, a few hundred computers on display, including whole hubs for children only, their commitment to their products and customer loyalty - is simply unmatched! - As are their products - I even found myself drooling over their Macbook Air - although I cannot justify the price - not for me, at least. Apple has made simple - and seemingly boring - quite sexy.
4. I am now altogether disgusted by lack of effort HP has shown in marketing, developing, and nurturing their own infant product: a tablet that is quite possibly natively superior to most out there, including the iPad2.
5. iPhone 3GS battery life sucks - nothing new here.
6. Yesterday was the first time I used my TP outdoors - WOW - awful, glaring experience.
7. I love my TP, but better serves me as an entertainment-based laptop alternative - when I am NOT on the move.
8. For now, there is no way in hell I am going back to the 3.04 update!
9. It was a frustratingly fun and crazy two-month mad dash for TPS, but I think I am giving up my search for additional ones - End users should not be charged with putting more energy, time, and resources into making a product good than the manufacturer has and is willing to do.
10. I found it amusing that I twice sat in the Apple Store for no other reason than to use their comps to charge my phone and to use my TP on their WiFi, and no one even cared!