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    Touchpad won't let me enter wireless router WPA key with more than 60 characters?

    Example: (not my actual WPA key)
    Pq7b7L@aAGa-oz^E1QjS4Y+! ;Kv:<odpzM>hY}RHdI7UceH5Wbt)IVT?_U.H}S

    My iPod Touch will also not allow me to enter keys with more than 60 characters,
    but my MacBookAir and Win7 laptop have no such limitations.

    Is there a workaround for this?

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    No problem, change the key to something less than 60 characters, you don't need that many anyway.
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    Shorter keys? That's a long *** password...
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    lmao...who in their right mind puts a 60 word password...look at it this way..u dont need a password longer than 10 keys...if a hacker really wants to hack you...he will easily and it wont matter whether u have 1 or 60 keys
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    I think when you enter a shorter password it hashes that out into a 64 bit key or something anyway.
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    I smell a troll
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    here is a simple workaround: use 59 characters
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    Damn, 60 mixed letter/number/symbol characters, that foils my beowulf cluster of supercomputers that can only crack a 59 character password!

    I will NEVER steal his wifi. My dastardly plan is foiled!

    Wait? You say the touchpad can only support 59 character passwords?

    Mwa ha.
    Ha ha ha.

    Come kitty, we have work to do in the lab.
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    Pinky: "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
    The Brain: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to crack friedscones' 60+ character WPA key!"
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    Unless you're working for the NSA or are part of a spy network, there's no good reason for you to have a 60 character + key.
    Ease it down buddy. 8 characters will do you just fine.
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    Waste of effort anyway as WPA has inherent weaknesses and is easily cracked by anyone that wants to bother to take the time to crack it. 60 characters, 30 characters, 8 characters... Doesn't matter.

    Crack breaks WPA-encrypted Wi-Fi in 1 minute | Electronista

    If you're really that paranoid about security, switch to WPA2.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Maybe the OP's router doesn't support WPA2 - like mine. One may as well use the strongest security available with your existing hardware - doesn't mean he's paranoid. As for not accepting more than 60 characters, my key is 63 characters and the touchpad connects just fine.
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    My point is that if you are stuck with WPA for whatever reason, no need to waste your time going for maximum key length.

    A lot of times a lock is just for keeping honest people honest by removing temptation. Most people will see that your network is secured and won't bother to try to hack it. But if they are going to try and hack it, then it doesn't matter how long your WPA password is. It will be hacked.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    I use that length on a WPA2 key. It's a valid request - he's asking why it doesn't work and what can be done about it. This sidebar into what is and isn't safe is not helping the situation. Even if he were to change it - the flaw would be there potentially. Further the hassle of changing all the other devices to fit the touchpad flaw is kinda nuts.

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