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    Is there a way of deleting video files directly from my Touchpad without connecting to a computer?
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    yes, I delete videos right after I'm done watching them.
    (mostly because all the videos are 720p MKV videos
    that take up a couple of GBs per hour) Just download
    the patch and you can delete right from the Touchpad.
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    You could also use a file manager like Gemini (app catalog) or Internalz Pro (Preware).
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    I wacth video using Touchplayer and there is the option of swipe to delete in touchplayer. I alsp have Internalz Pro installed which touchplayer needs i believe
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    I'm using Kalemsoft video player. Is there a way of deleting them from that app?
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    If you hold down your finger over the file, and get the resume menu, delete is on there, but grayed out on my version (.4).
    Guess that is for future use?

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