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    I do not have Hulu fix installed. I don't really go to that site. It seems there are bunch of other sites that have videos that Hulu has.
    I actually discovered last night I have the Hulu fix patch installed (forgot to uninstall it I guess). My youtube plays fine with no issues.
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    I had this happen yesterday and just restarted the TouchPad and then YouTube was fine.
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    Mine is working fine.
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    If you are having problems with youtube and you are running 3.0.4 then it might be the case that patches you had installed from 3.0.2 are causing problems on your device. I was having a lot of different kinds of application failures after installing 3.0.4 until this past weekend when I ran the emergency patch removal using Preware, then restarted my touchpad, and then installed new versions of the patches I use which had been updated to work with 3.0.4.
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    Mine works fine still. Still get that anoying problem when the video kind of freezes but the audio continues though. A quick pause and play gets it going again though.

    On a Side note I turned off flash and refreshed and closed the browser app and got the no flash installed messege. How do you get it to run HTML 5 when you turn off Flash? was curious to see if any performance difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMist View Post
    Is there any way around this, like forcing it to play using html5
    I saw the same behavior after upgrading to 3.0.4. Then I went to the web browser /preferences menu and saw that flash had been disabled. After I re-enabled flash, youtube worked fine again.
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