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    I have a trouble with preader. I uploded native version. when I opened it and it was working great. Then, I closed preader. When I open it again it freezes. What can i do about that?
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    What version are you using? Can you describe what's happening in more detail?

    To get the most help, you might want to visit the official support thread. There you can get support from the developer. Some more helpful info: what format are the books, how long, any DRM? At what point exactly does it freeze? Does it jyst come up with a blank white screen or does some text (like error or status messages) appear? In the thread, jappus (the developer) will give you directions on how to get the log & send it to him. If you read through the last few pages, you will see those directions.

    If you can get & post the log & answer as many of the quedtions above that you can, diagnosis will have a good headstart.
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    The pReader native thread Is here:

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