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    has a crack about 1 inch from the left speaker.I made every effort to baby this unit from the time I received it. It has been in the Hp case from day 1 . I have a ticket in on it,what can I expect from Hp? They told me 7~10 days turn around time.I do have a 16GB tp to use.I made this thread to say I am bummed with the quality control of Hp.The ivory tp was 599 retail,370 to me off ebay.Think what you will,but do other tablet manufactures have this type of trouble?I like webos,and Hp with family members in their employ,but really,a case cracks from what,heat or normal handling ? My rant .
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    I think these problems are more a design/engineering problem, rather than a QC problem.

    Yes, the cracks may form from over tightened screws or bound components... but the design is probably the root cause for the stress point.

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