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    Hey fellas!

    Since I updated my Touchpad to 3.0.4 - at least I didn't notice it before - my screen flickers once when navigating to another page in preware. The screen goes dark briefly. It also seems to happen in the mail application sometimes.

    See Dailymotion - HP Touchpad Screen Flicker - ein Tech & Science Video for reference.

    Does anyone else witness this phenomenon?

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    happens to me too. Its almost like it auto-dims itself in between pages. Not a huge problem, but it does distract me sometimes.

    It started happening after 3.0.4 update
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    i have some brightness flicker in web browser and yes my auto dim is off.... Anyone else have this bug ?
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    It is always somehow strangely reassuring to hear you're not alone with a bug... :-)
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    govnah mentions under preferences that one of its options causes flicker... YMMV
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    Thanks for the hint but I did not install govnah. And I removed all patches before updating to 3.0.4.

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