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    so far, 3.0.4 for me. I really wanted to keep 3.0.2 on my main TP longer (when it asked to install I said "install later", came back to the TP a couple of days later and it was installed), just in case 3.0.4 had issues. For me I really don't see any issues on 3.0.4, the speed boost is quite nice(I don't/won't over clock myself).I did have 2 patches installed, forgot what they were, my 2nd TP which I actually use more often now(at home anyways) since I don't have a case on it, I don't even have preware installed and I haven't missed anything(yet at least) in the past week.

    I haven't run into any of my previous apps that don't run. Though I have about 60 installed and I may of tested 10 of them so far, most of my usage is web browser, some skype(text chat only not video or voice), and the "webos news" app, then some photo slide shows in exhibition mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rs4ftw View Post
    do i have to uninstall the patches before upgrading? i'm running just the common patches:

    preware, homebrew, uberkernel, govnah, muffle logging, turn ripple off, etc...

    i've already updated govnah, etc to latest version but im curious if it's better to just uninstall patches, upgrade webOS and then reinstall the patches?
    I did just to be on the safe side. I just did inventory of all the patches and stuff i had installed then i removed them (and the overclocking kernels) and updated. Everything went smooth as butter! Now i installed Uberkernel back and a few patches that are now compatible, so im just waiting for the rest! Happy updating!
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    need help how do you overclock kernel to 3.0.4 and reset Tongan by just downloading


    you do the same things you did to get it like that in the first place.

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    3.0.4 pretty much eradicates the webOS lag issue. Mine is still running the stock kernel and I couldn't be happier. The auto correct bug is annoyib, but I just turn it off. Issues running games were gone after a reset.
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