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    I have downloaded a multiple video presentation to my TouchPad containing .IFO, .VOB and .BUP. On my PC I select a single .IFO and the entire presentation is available by selecting the chapter from a menu. On the PC it uses InterVideo WinDVD.

    Is it possible to use use this presentation on the TouchPad? I am a newbie and have not been able to install WebOSQuickInstall because it says there is not a device connected.

    If I can't use the chapter selection method is it possible to play individual video clips?
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    You can convert the video files (.vob) to a format that will play on the TP. Use Handbrake, (it is free) select the iPad preset and convert. Then just copy the resulting files to the TP by connecting it to your computer as a USB device. It takes a long time to transcode, so you want to set all the files in queue and then leave the computer on for the night or whatever. I don't know of any way to preserve the existing menu structure from a DVD (which is what your file structure is) and transcode the files into something TP-friendly. I use software that costs a little bit of money (video-redo+) to cut videos like this into smaller chapters, pull commercials out of movies etc. when I need to. It isn't terribly complicated software but you have to have at least some basic video editing skills and it is probably not worth the trouble unless you plan to spend a lot of time with this particular video and absolutely need it to be better organized.
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    I will try what you suggest. I will be using these files often so will probably look into an organization tool.

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